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More and more people are enjoying their Wave 8 tablet. See what they have to say.

Smooth gamitin kahit na naglalaro ako ng online game at ng Facebook nang sabay.

(“It runs smoothly even when I play online game and open Facebook at the same time.”)

I use my Wave Tablet mostly for business purposes. So far so good. No hang.

My Wave Tablet experience has so far been good. My son uses it a lot, playing with educational apps.

My experience using the Wave Tablet has been great. I use it to capture beautiful scenery, moments, and memories.

I use my Wave tablet for business presentations, when I meet with contractors. I'm happy with it. The design and speed are superb.

The features I really like with this tablet is the WPS Office Suite feature where I can easily create and revise urgent reports anywhere.

I rely on my tablet for site orientation pictures, and also during special occasions and events.

I like the processor and the accessibility. It's great for school and entertainment with the family.

I use my Wave tablet for social media, listening to music, and playing games.

I use my Wave Tablet for internet surfing, checking emails, and for calls via internet. I like best the speed when loading apps. It’s very fast. No doubt about it.

Imagine a tablet that is also as efficient and useful like the leading brand with a price so affordable for a practical mother like me... It is very easy to use because the processor is so fast for checking emails, downloading other applications, and for other office management purposes.

Yung Wave 8 HD+ maganda, at yung features niya mas okay sa ‘kin. Mabilis po ang pag-browse sa web at mas maganda ang graphics nya.

(”Wave 8 HD+ is great, and the features are more suited for me. Browsing the web is faster, and the graphics looks amazing.”)

I carry my Wave Tablet anywhere. I use it for social networking, browsing, and reading ebooks. No problems, in terms of speed.

Very satisfied and thrilled of the Wave tablet's performance and durability. I use it for casual gaming and entertainment purposes.

I use my Wave tablet at home and in the office. It's nice and user-friendly.

I use my Wave 8 for surfing FB, Twitter, and Youtube. I like the resolution, and it's fast.

I use my Wave tablet for gaming and listening to music on Spotify.

Mostly, I used this tablet for browsing the internet, and reading documents. I also watch movies on this almost everyday. Its processor is fast, and the display is clear.

As a music teacher, I use the tablet mostly for reading music sheets. The WPS App is very useful whenever I need to read music.

My mom, Elma, thinks you're never too old to learn to use technology. And she finds her Wave 8 one of the best and easiest tools to save fun moments with her family, especially grandchildren.

The overall quality is good. My son usually uses it for gaming.

I’ve been using my cousin’s Wave 8 tablet...and it works great. I want my own.

Hindi mahal at garantisado.

(”Affordable and a sure choice.”)